A literary miscellany    

Editors: Paul Stevens, Peter Bloxsom
Artist/photographer: Patricia Wallace Jones

The Chimaera is an online miscellany of poetry and prose. We expect to publish three times a year, in January, May and September/October.

Some authors have recorded their own readings of their poems for this issue. We hope the voice recordings add an extra dimension of interest. 

From Found in Translation:

Translation is an art of compromise and approximation. — Aaron Poochigian

I am not writing my translations for classicists, who can read the poems in the original language. I am writing for English readers who have little or no Latin. — Susan McLean

A translator is a bilingual, bicultural, linguist-anthropologist-writer-actor-editor. — B. J. Epstein

More than 90% of our words come from the losers (Old English), not the victors (Latin) at the Battle of Hastings. — Alan Sullivan

The next issue’s feature theme will be Belonging. More about this on our Editorial page.

Please also look in on The Chimaera’s disreputable parent zine, The Shit Creek Review


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Welcome to our second issue. This issue’s Feature Theme is Found in Translation: we have poetry and prose translated into English from various languages — classical Greek and Latin, Chinese, French, German, Irish, Italian, Old English, Spanish, Swedish, and Urdu, often with enlightening comment from the translator on translation in general and the experience of translating that text in particular.

We also have a Spotlight Feature this time: Timothy Murphy’s Prayer for Sobriety, a series of alcohol-related poems written during the ten years from 1997 to 2007. 

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