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Editor: Paul Stevens
Co-editor: Peter Bloxsom
Artist/photographer: Patricia Wallace Jones

The Chimaera is an online miscellany of poetry and prose. We intend to publish three times a year, in January, May and September/October.

Some authors have recorded their own readings of their poems for this issue. We hope the voice recordings add an extra dimension of interest. 

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And I lived
in the country of
myself all my life.
The food was bad.
The language odd.
The peace unsteady.
So I moved
to the country of
I’m not myself.
          — Paul Hostovsky

Hell take these deathless loves that end in dying!
          — Margaret Menamin

...a civilization, as it grows more and more complex, becomes more and more vulnerable to the drunken mailmen in its midst...  
          — R. Nemo Hill 

My own part in the evening was to play “a poet”, which if you are Irish and living in England is quite easy to do. I wore a tweed hat and made a point of sounding pained and sonorous.
          — Fintan O’Higgins

I walk the broad path, common,
to the hill we do not own.
          — Alison Brackenbury

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Welcome to our third issue. This issue’s Feature Theme is Belonging: our theme section includes a rich assortment of poetry and prose focusing on various aspects of belonging, including its negative form, alienation. 

The subject of our Spotlight Feature this time is British poet Alison Brackenbury. We have an introduction, nine of Alison’s poems, an interview, and a review of her collection Singing in the Dark.

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The next issue’s feature theme (or mode) will be multum in parvo much in little. We will be celebrating verbal parsimony and economy of effect. Yes, we really mean it this time about doing a shorter issue. More about this on our Editorial page.