A literary miscellany    

Editors: Paul Stevens, Peter Bloxsom
Consulting Editor: Nigel Holt
Artist/photographer: Patricia Wallace Jones

This issue’s feature theme is  Stranger in a Strange Land — the expatriate experience considered from various viewpoints: how and why the author became an expatriate, the expatriate life, how being an expatriate affects one’s writing, or however the writer has chosen to interpret the theme.

Some expatriatism quotes

The truth is that Australians are everything that my frightened parents feared. — Janet Kenny

The loss of home is not the same as leaving home. — Jee Leong Koh

You may as well be a stranger in a strange land as a stranger at home. — Peter Richards

The next issue’s feature section theme will be translation: please see our Submissions page for more details.

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Welcome to our inaugural issue. The Chimaera is an online miscellany of poetry and prose. We expect to publish three times a year, in January, May and September/October.

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