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Editor: Paul Stevens
Co-editor: Peter Bloxsom
Artist/photographer: Patricia Wallace Jones

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The fat clock ticks and ticks and ticks and tells
Me stuff I didn’t want to know I knew.
Across a million billion windowsills
The stellar dust is whispering of you.
    — John Whitworth, Four O’Clock

I stand as still
as a fruit on a plate,
my breasts are plums,
my behind a peach.
Monsieur says if I move,
he will pulp me,
    — Nuala Ní Chonchúir, A Cézanne Nude 

At this age it’s a no-compete
in the Kingdom of Flaunt...
    — John Weston, Boxers (after LM)

Like new, used only once
to kill myself.
May be seen at 73 St. Croix
after nine p.m.
    — Margaret Menamin, Classifieds 

Maraschino cherries glisten with the false sheen of lies told to children — manufactured and over-sweet, designed to preserve young appetites for silly and worthless things.
    — Greta Bolger, Lie to Me, Cherry

Only the trees perhaps, the sleeves of grass,
Leaning against the light learn to compose
The windbent seconds as they pass
In cells of cellulose.
    — Stephen Edgar, Time Out 

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The Chimaera is an online miscellany of poetry and prose. We publish three times a year, in January, May and September.

Welcome to our fourth issue. Our Feature Theme this time is Multum in parvo: much in little, poetry and prose exemplfying brevity and succinctness. Our Spotlight Feature focuses on UK poet John Whitworth. For more about the content, see the Editorial page. 

Some authors have recorded their own readings of their poems for this issue. Poems with sound are marked with a blue speaker icon in the menus. We hope the voice recordings add extra interest. To play the sound recording (Flash required), click the blue button directly below the poem.

Comments or suggestions? Please see our FEEDBACK PAGE.

The next issue’s feature theme will be light verse, guest-edited by John Whitworth. More details on our Editorial page. 
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