The Chimaera: Issue 4, September 2008

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Anne Bryant-Hamon

Sum It

Girls are from Venus.
Guys are from Mars.
It shows in their genus,
and even in cars.

Martians drive Fords
and stocky red pick-ups;
women, Accords
while battling their hiccups

in mirrors they’ve plated
with lipstick and powder.
Ach! Men are V-8’ed,
their engines run louder.

Venus is peppery,
Mars, more like salt.
Men sport their weaponry —
girls, their gestalt!

Anne Bryant-Hamon has been writing poetry since childhood. She makes her home in Lynn Haven, FL with her husband David and their children. Anne has been published in both print and on-line poetry journals such as 2 River View, Yggdrazil, Amazonian Mists, The Green Tricycle, Lucid Rhythms, and Bumbershoot.
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